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The Comprehensive Vintage Motorcycle Price Guide is now in its 16th year, with over 120,000 price listings for nearly 100 different marques of vintage motorcycles. Sold worldwide in bookstores and online, this guide contains more values, marques, models, and manufacturing numbers than any other online or print data available. Started by staff and volunteers of the Motorcycle and Model Railroad Museum, this guide now receives data contributions from several hundred experts from around the globe who keep track of sales data and research additional marques and models to add to the guide each edition. You can order your copy direct from us! Guides are also sold at major vintage motorcycleevents in the USA.

Editors and staff of the guide are always looking to add new experts on additional marques. If you have knowledge that you are willing to share to enhance the guide's future editions, or have knowledge of a model that may be missing from one of the existing marques and are willing to share information/documentation. please email us at . One of the guide staff will contact you!