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February 6, 2019


Motorcycle and Model Railroad Museum Releases 16th Edition of World-Renown

"Comprehensive Vintage Motorcycle Price Guide"


TO: Vintage Motorcycling News Editor/Staff

            The 16th edition of the "Comprehensive Vintage Motorcycle Price Guide" was released January 1, 2019, and is now available worldwide to the public.

            The 416 page guide contains pricing data for nearly 100 different marques, and has grown each year of its existence. Data is compiled with real-time sales data from vintage motorcycle auctions, sales, swap meets, shows, dealer sales, and many other avenues, as collected and analyzed by over 350 worldwide experts in various marques.

            Over 120,000 prices are contained in the guide, broken down in a six level grading scale. A chapter on how to grade a motorcycle is included in the guide, as well as a chart for converting prices (listed in U.S. dollars) to other currencies around the world. Data on each model's engine size is listed, along with quantities made when data is available.

            "There is no other guide like it in the world," stated Jayson Matthews, one of the editors of the guide. "Insurance companies use our data to help set their rates and process claims, so we feel extremely confident in our pricing levels. No one offers a print guide with as much data and as many marques as we do, and it continues to grow each year."

            The editors are always looking for experts in new marques that are not in the guide to join the pricing consortium group. If enthusiasts find an error in the guide, (model information/engine displacement) they are also encouraged to submit documentation so this can be corrected. "We are motorcycle enthusiasts helping other enthusiasts," Matthews added. "All of the proceeds from sales of the guide support the Motorcycle and Model Railroad Museum Foundation, a non-profit group."

            Those who have expertise in a marque not covered in the guide and would like to help with new data should contact the MMRM via email at

            The guide is available for purchase at $16.95 US dollars plus shipping via the MMRM's hobby shop website at It is also available on Ebay in the USA by going to and searching for the name of the guide.

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