JM Hobby Supply & Railroad Artifact Auctions


JM Hobby Supply and Railroad Artifacts has become well-known all over the world for our annual railroad artifact auctions, whch include choice pieces of railroad memorabilia and better model railroad items. We hold 3-4 sales each year, usually in the spring and fall, but have added additional sales for special collections as the need arises. 

Starts at 9AM Central Time Both Days!
1,000 Lots over Two Big Days!!
ON LIVE AUCTIONEERS-See links below!

Our next railroad artifact auction, with auctioneer partner Aaron Ihander of Ihander Auctioneering, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, June 29-30, 2024. ONE THOUSAND lots of railroad artifacts from around the USA and Canada will be up for bid! You can access our past and most recent auction listings at by typing in JM HOBBY SUPPLY AND RAILROAD ARTIFACT AUCTIONS in the auction house search box at the top of their page.


We have posted DIRECT links to the latest February sale here:
Saturday February 24, 2024:
Sunday February 25, 2024:

All lots for the June sale willhave multiple photographs of each item, as well as a complete description. 

You can also register to bid at by clicking on the REGISTER FOR AUCTION BUTTON on the right hand side of the page where you find each day's sale. You will have to register for BOTH days if you wish to BID on BOTH days!!

Our sales have been held online on Live Auctioneers, as well as in person, and we have had over 1,100 bidders from 45 countries bidding in our sales online at once! Our sales are promoted to over 5,000,000 people worldwide on Facebook groups relating to railroads and model railroading, as well as to our mailing and email lists. You can email us at to be added to our email list, and you will then receive anouncements for upcoming auctions!

Very important!!! We have the LOWEST commission rates for sellers and buyers of any major auction firm in the USA! We don't charge 30-40 percent buyers or sellers fees like many firms do, as we feel this causes sellers to lose sales due to lower bids, which are caused when buyers bid less due to the fees they have to pay after the hammer price. Large collections and high dollar items receive a discount on sellers fees as well! We are also built a new Facebook site for our auctions. Members of the Facebook site will receive an additional discount on buyers fees at our auctions, too!! Email us at to become a member of the new Facebook site!

We only charge ACTUAL shipping costs! Postage plus the cost of packing materials (boxes/bubble wrap/tape, etc...) We were disgusted when buying things for our museum foundation from other auctions in the past and getting charged $20 just to ship a small paper railroad pass, or $200 to ship a single railroad milk can!! We refuse to treat our customers like this, so shipping is done accurately and fairly...and quickly! In fact, for our June 3, 2023 sale, all items were shipped to bidders only 10 days later, by June 13! Our October 21-22, 2023 sale had everything shipped in 9 days--1,000 total lots!

Typically, many smaller collections of items are either shipped to us by the consignor, or dropped off to us in advance of the sale. However, if you have LARGE collections, we will pick up your collection with no up-front charges. Typically, these are for collections of 500 or more pieces, including fragile or larger items, that would take a pick-up truck and trailer, or even a semi truck!! We simply take the expense for pick up off your auction proceeds on the back end. This also assures you, and us, that your items will be shipped safely! Call us at 920-857-9670 to discuss shipping or pick up needs.

Unlike other firms who take 30 days or more to pay consignors, we have consignors paid within 14 days. You will also receive an itemized list of your items so you know exactly what each item sold for. In fact, checks for our consignors to our June 3, 2023 sale were in the mail or handed out in-person on June 11-13, so everyone was paid in 8-10 days!! We have many consignors who consign items to us for multiple auctions, as they like our promptness and organizational abilities. We also send each consignor a lot list and descriptions of their items to view before items are posted live and online for sale, in advance of public viewing.


Listed below are highlights and world record prices
from some of our most recent sales

See comments about our sales from consignors and buyers
below the photo section!

Milwaukee Road Railroad Porcelain Caboose Herald-$500.00

Duluth Missabe and Iron Range 26 foot Ore Car Side-$280.00

Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Depot Sign-$800.00

Complete Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Calendar 1948-$350.00

Duluth & Iron Range RailroadCast Globe Lantern-$1,000.00

Duluth & Iron Range Railroad Large Steel Lock-$375.00

Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railroad Caboose Lantern-$1,000.00

Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railroad Nathan Five Chime Air Horn-$2,200.00

Duluth Missabe and Iron Range RailroadLocomotive Herald-$550.00

Duluth Missabe and Northern Railroad Telephone from Proctor, MN Roundhouse-$1,100.00

Great Northern Railroad Blueprints and Ephemera Lot-$2,350.00

Great Northern Railroad Brass Lock and Key-$550.00

Great Northern Railroad Locomotive Herald-$1,250.00

Rock Island Railroad 2 Galloon Stoneware Jug-$340.00

St Paul and Duluth Railroad Brass Lock-$1500.00-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Union Pacific Railroad Station Departure/Arrivals Chalkboard-$370.00

Union Pacific Railroad Depot Clock-$750.00

Soo Line Railroad Insulator-1 of 12 Known!-$320.00

Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Passenger Car Ash Tray Stand-$550.00

Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Milk Can-$1,000.00

Soo Line Railroad Owen-Withee, WI Depot Clock-$800.00

Duluth and Iron Range Railroad Car Step-$625.00

Marquette Houghton and Ontonagon Railroad Brass Key-$310.00

Chicago Milwaukee and St Paul Railway DepotClock-$2.050.00

Overland Brass Models Great Northern EMD NW5 Brass HO Scale Locomotive-$525.00

Soo Line Railroad Minneapolis Depot Clock-$525.00

New Jersey Transit Railroad Chief of Police Badge-$270.00

Chicago and Northwestern Railroad Madison Street Chicago Depot Clock-$410.00

New Jersey Transit Railroad Police Chief of Detectives Badge-$380.00

Overland Brass Models Schnabel HO ScaleTransformer Car-$410.00

1931 and 1932 Illinois Central Dinner Plates-$260.00

Bangor and Aroostook Cast Metal Sign-$862.50

Quanah Acme & Pacific Floydada, TX Station Clock-$2,415.00-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs Ry Brass Key-$805.00-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Florence & Cripple Creek RR Storehouse Key-$920.00-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Chicago Burlington & Quincy RR Metal Reflective Locomotive Herald-$690.00

Florence & Cripple Creek RR No Trespassing Sign-Victor, CO-$2,070.00-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Maine Central RR Caboose/Locomotive Herald-$747.50-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

1902 Florence & Cripple Creek RR Pass-$747.50-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Florence & Cripple Creek Employee Timetable May 13, 1900-$1,380.00-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Florence & Cripple Creek Employee Timetable June 16, 1901-$3,162.50-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Oliver Iron Mining Definace Twist Wire Green Globe Lantern-$1,150-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Rock Island Brass and Copper Fire Extinguisher-$575.00-NEW WORLD RECORD PRICE!

Western Pacific RR "Feather RIver Route" Station Clock-$1,092.50


John, What a pleasant surprise to receive your email and our check! Thank you so much for your assistance with these railroad items. Rest assured, if we hear of anyone with RR artifacts or model trains looking for assistance, we will recommend your business in a heartbeat! 
Best regards,
Dave & Sandy B.
Breezy Point, MN

This is my first railroad lantern purchase. I am very excited! Thank you very much!
Ronald H.
Balston Spa, NY

You are paid, my friend! Really appreciate your approach to railroad collectors, too!
William H.
Oshkosh, WI

Great shipping and packaging! Great to deal with!
Fred T.
Theresa, NY

Lightning fast delivery, amazingly well packed items compared to any other auction I have bid in, and ACTUAL shipping costs that weren't inflated, unlike Morphy, Rail and Road, or Holabird! You guys are, without question, the BEST of any RR auction service!!
Amanda J.
Minneapolis, MN

You did the right thing by dumping that joker of an auctioneer from Nordic, who has hosed people all over the MN Northland. You get things done FAST, and as you promise. I am amazed that you had me paid in only 10 days! You will be getting many more RR consignments from us!
Jeff H.
Biwabik, MN

Amazed I received my items in only 7 days! Unheard of in the RR auction industry! Count us as a long-time supporter. We will be talking about selling my estate.
Dave G.
Reading, PA

Hi John,
I want to say THANK YOU!  I can't convey enough just how appreciative I am that your shipping rates are actual, and realistic. I recently bought an HO scale locomotive from another railroad auction, where they charged me $75 to ship it! I felt highly disrespected, not to mention gouged to the point of feeling like it was a form of fraud that they were performing on their customers, because the best, costliest rate I could find was only $35 with full insurance, etc, via FedEx,  and 2 day delivery!?! Long story short, I will obviously never support that auction house again! Thank you, and I look forward to seeing my new lantern arrive! 
Jared W.
Sedalia, CO

I thought the sale was really fun to watch! The auctioneer was going fast but I know that's part of the fun. Shipping speed was fantastic. Items were carefully boxed. I've been to other auctions and they took much longer to get my things to me. Anyway, great fun and I got exactly what I wanted. Well, I mean I wanted a whole lot about the things but can't afford all of them, ha ha!
Nicky J.
Champaign, IL

John & Staff--I had bid in your previous auctions, as well as consigned things, when you had partnered with Forrest from Nordic. You were correct in your assessment, and to get rid of him and his lying ways. He took 45 days to get payments to consignors after promising 30 days. Yet, you are able to do it in 10 days? AMAZING!...and less than the 14 days you promised! It took me over a month and a lot of inflated shipping costs from Nordic's UPS partner, along with crummy communication from the partner, excuses, and no return calls or emails from Nordic, to get the things I won. Yet, you are able to get everything shipped out, with true, in house, real cost shipping, and we received it only 8 days after the sale!! Again---incredible service! Nordic made a huge mistake by screwing you and a lot of other folks, and not treating you right. We will continue to support you and JM Hobby Supply Railroad Auctions---you guys do it well and we appreciate your communication and honesty!
Name withheld by customer request

I wanted to say thanks for selling my items. The check was right about what I expected when I received it, and even a little more, as I was surprised that the small railroad lantern lenses sold for so much. If I find anything else for railroads, I will be sure to let you know!
John W.
Milwaukee, WI

Thank you for the fast shipping of my LE&W key! This key means a lot to me! My papa Bill was an NKP engineer on this division out of Frankfort, IN. I myself am a professional engineer of 24 years. So he was an huge influence on me for sure! Thanks again!
Jeremy H.
Lebanon, IN

I was pleased with the auction, particularly, how efficiently my items were processed. Looking forward to your next auction.
James B.
Sugarland, TX

I received my shipment today. It arrived totally intact and undamaged. Awesome packing job. I am delighted with my purchase.
John P. 
Powell River, BC, Canada

Thoughtful and Perfect Service!I I could not be more excited about the items I won at JM's last auction. The historically significant and rare sign is a gem and JM took care of shipping in a fair way so I was not overcharged like some auction houses do! You can trust JM to take good care of the items you bid on and excellent customer service! Thank you and Happy Collecting!
Dan R.
Parker, CO

Best experience I have had on Live Auctioneers! Phenomenal experience. Everything was great from bidding to fees and shipping. Would definitely do business with you again.
Joseph R.
New Hyde Park, NY

These people know their business! Contacted me promptly and let me know what was going on with my purchase, reasonable shipping charges and prompt delivery. I will deal with them again:)
Jerry M.
La Junta, CO

Very happy with JM Hobby! We were very happy with everything about this JM Hobby auction. We felt lots were accurately represented. The items we won were carefully packed and arrived in good condition. Everything was as expected! Thank you for a fine experience.
Jane S.
Valatie, NY

Good people. A fast and fair turnaround with shipping.
David P.
Hastings, FL

Wonderful shipping and buyers premium. It gives the buyer a buffer to go ahead and buy more items. With other auctions charging high shipping rates and 28% buyers premiums, it limits a person as to what they can afford to purchase. I was on the site for only one item, I ended up with three. It increased my collection without decreasing my bank account. Excellent shipping cost, and shipped in a very reasonable time, about 4 days from them to me. JM Hobby has a new customer with me.
Steve M.
Farmingdale, NY

Great to work with! They work with the Collector! They don't charge outrageous handling or auction fees! THAT is how to bring in more business! It's very nice to deal with an auctioneer that doesn't nickel and dime the customer just for a couple extra bucks!
William H.
Oshkosh, WI

Another great experience with JM Hobby! As a repeat buyer from JM Hobby's railroadiana auctions, I appreciate the good photos and descriptions in their listings, the reasonable buyers premium, and the at-cost in-house shipping. It certainly makes the online auction experience more enjoyable!
Dave H.
Delmar, NY

Very quick sendout! This particular auction, I had one of the best experiences I've had since I joined LiveAuctioneers. From auction to receipt was just seven days. Even accounting for the fact that the items were simple, that's above-average service. And the items themselves are great. So I'm happy.
Eric C.
New York, NY